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Industrial Designer


Founder and CDO

One would wonder how his parents had perfect forecast in selecting a suitable name for his son –¬† Vivek, meaning discretion. He justifies his name by attitude. As a guy who eats and sleep with designs, he doesn’t even spare restaurant tissue paper for scribing his thoughts. . He looks around, that’s all. He is cool and silent until his beer mug goes for a third refill. Curiosity is his craving, observation is his obsession and uniqueness is his euphoria. With a master degree in Industrial Designer from Coventry University, UK he has worked as the Head of Department of Industrial Design at Keltron Advanced Design Centre, Kochi then at Industrial Designer/UX wing of Sohamsaa where his team has bagged Red Dot Design award. With¬† years of experience in strategizing hundreds of brands, Vivek stands as the Vein and Valve of VVeQ.