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We prefer to call our Design Institute as an Idea Institute. We never teach to learn, but to inspire. Commercial Design is a science rather than art, we bellieve. That is why we don’t have a printed syllabus for our students. Universe is there, then why a text book? 

It was just another day till a call received by one our colleagues who was busy brainstorming for the next creative. The call was from his friend asking for a treat. The reason was really a shocking treat for us. ‘Puttu’ and ‘Dosa’ gone viral!. Keralites across the globe started sharing it. WhatsApp statuses have been set with it. FM Radios started speaking about it.In fact It was beyond our expectation.

It was a couple of creatives we posted on Social Media for Lafair Hotel based in Thalasseri, Kerala. We just made it as a satirical attack on two hot topic which where in the air during that time. There was a scam tainted over bridge construction, ‘Palarivattom Bridge’ and a scam eaten luxury apartment construction ‘Marad Flats’  in Kochi. The bridge started collapsing immediately after the construction, and the flats was ordered to be demolished due to unauthorized land usage. We simply connected the bridge with malayalis favorite food ‘Puttu’, which is a cylindrical cake made by steaming rice powder. The quality is assessed by its softness. We simply put a line ‘Palarivattom Puttu, demolish with a touch’.

‘Nei Rost’ is a delicious Dosa variety which is usually made in cone shape, popping up over the serving plate. We renamed it as ‘Maradu Dosa’ annexing a tag ‘Constructed for Demolishing’.

Malayalis took over the posts. They shared it max as a tool of expressing their anger over the  corrupted system . ‘It was a painful smile’, many quoted.

Rest is history. Newspaper article, TV interviews, Youtube chat shows with our guys, back to back mobile rings, new offers, investment enquiries and many more Cloud 9 ingredients poured in to our happiness quotient. We celebrated, enjoyed every moment and thrilled with chilled beers. ‘Palarivattom Puttu’ started gaining priority place among ‘Today’s Special’ boards in front of many hotels in Kearla.

We learnt the big lesson. Nothing works like satire. Creativity can be used as a weapon for protest that too by ringing cash registers of the client. The hotel witnessed 400% raise in sales and become like a tourist sport for a couple of weeks.