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Founder and CDO

Vivek Sasindran

One would wonder how his parents had perfect forecast in selecting a suitable name for his son –  Vivek, meaning discretion. He justifies his name by attitude. As a guy who eats and sleep with designs, he doesn’t even spare restaurant tissue paper for scribing his thoughts. He loves patterns and colors more than his son . He looks around, that’s all. Nature import the designs directly to his brain. He is cool and silent until his beer mug goes for a third refill. Curiosity is his craving, observation is his obsession and uniqueness is his euphoria.   With a master degree in Industrial Design from Coventry University, UK, Vivek began his design expedition at Ubris, the industrial design wing of Planet 3 Studios Architecture, Mumbai. He was part of many projects including the one which bagged  Red Dot Design award. Having served as the Head of Department of Industrial Design at Keltron Advanced Design Centre, Kochi, Vivek went on to lead the Industrial Design/UX wing of Sohamsaa, a Boutique Design House in Banglore where he supervised the designing over 100 premium products.   As a partner in-charge of designs at Brainwash Creatives and Concepts, one of the leading branding houses in Kerala, Vivek spreadheaded the branding and strategizing of over 100 brands in a span of three years.   Finally he put in his papers and logged on to his own Apple Macintosh   Vivek is the Vein and Valve of VVeQ